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Prior to this album, I had only known the name “Nipsey Hussle” as a West Coast hustler; someone who was well respected in the game yet didn’t draw a lot of attention outside the worlds of hip-hop enthusiasts and artists within the industry. After his release of the politically charged “FDT feat. YG,” Hussle subsequently […]

I’m always looking for new music to get stuck in your head, so this week I bring you Flor! These West Coast musicians are currently touring the Midwest with Coin and Colony House. Their sound is about as indie pop as it gets, similar to artists like Magic Man or CRUISR. Their music is the kind […]

Surprise, surprise! One week before official release, March 23, the cloak has been peeled off to show Kendrick Lamar’s new album “To Pimp a Butterfly” — the cover had been shown as solid black for weeks on iTunes with an untitled track list, which only added to the anticipation. The album cover deemed a black and […]

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