Zeds Dead

Coverage by Parnia Razi and Christopher Kalwick Day two of Something Wicked definitely heated up as things got spookier and weirder. The weather warmed up a bit, everyone was dressed up in their costumes, and the acts of the day also brought on the heat with many headbangers and hits. Coog Radio was there to […]

It’s only been a couple of weeks and we’re still feeling the Buku hangover here at Coog Radio, relive that wild weekend with us through our photo gallery courtesy of Hunter Lewis.   [carousel source=”media: 11165,11172,11171,11170,11169,11168,11167,11166,11159,11160,11161,11162,11163,11164,11158,11157,11156,11155,11154,11153,11152,11145,11138,11131,11132,11139,11146,11147,11140,11133,11134,11141,11148,11149,11142,11135,11136,11143,11150,11151,11144,11137,11096,11097,11098,11099,11100,11123,11122,11121,11103,11102,11101,11124,11125,11126,11127,11128,11129,11130″ limit=”60″ link=”image” scroll=”3″]

Coverage by: Madeline Robicheaux and BreeAngela Hamilton

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