Throwback Thursday: “Kool Thing” by Sonic Youth

I am throwing it back to the 90’s with this track. Nearly twenty-five years ago, Sonic Youth released their first major label single “Kool Thing.” The 1990 single features an amazing recurring guitar riff and some blunt anti-male oppression lyrics. It has always been speculated that the song was inspired by an awkward and disappointing LL Cool J interview conducted by front woman, Kim Gordon, in which LL makes a misogynistic remark. It sounds like Gordon is obviously calling someone out with these lyrics, but who really knows what went on. Despite speculations, “Kool Thing” quickly became Sonic Youth’s most popular song and has proven to be relevant in pop culture. The song has been featured on video games and television shows such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Gilmore Girls, and Once Upon a Time.


Listen to “Kool Thing” below:

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