Donnie and Joe Emerson’s mini-documentary available for viewing

A couple of weeks back we updated you on Ariel Pink’s new album Mature Themes, whose first single, “Baby,” introduced many of us to Donnie & Joe Emerson and the fascinating story of Dreamin’ Wild, a collection of funk-influenced yacht rock songs recorded in a $100,000 home studio built and financed by the boys’ father. Full of ambition but lacking a real business plan, the Emerson’s self-released album was shelved and lost in obscurity, costing the family nearly everything they had, only to be resurrected some 30 years later.

Here’s mini-documentary on Donnie and Joe’s story which you can also read up on via NPR. Dreamin’ Wild is out on Light In The Attic Records. Click on the studs in Evil Knievel jumpsuits to discover the new sweet nothing you’ll be telling your “bb” all summer long.

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