Ty Segall

2012 may as well be called “The Year of the Segall,” which according to the prolific psych-garage aficionado’s calendar began in late April with Ty and White Fence’s Hair and experienced its summer solstice with Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse. Ty Segall even stopped by Houston in late May and gave a legendary performance at Walter’s, and now he’s back with a new single off of his upcoming solo release Twins.

The intro to the “The Hill” may surprise or even shock Ty Segall fans. An angelic women’s choir sing an anthemic chorale before being torn apart by the full assault of instruments, creepily modulating to match the mayhem. The track itself is a leap for Ty. The production is a bit cleaner, making for larger drums and fatter guitar tones than your typical Ty Segall song. Ty also has a snarl to voice that is reminiscent of John Lennon (which we thought only Kevin Parker could pull off). But fear not, those who love their garage rock noisy. The song’s high fidelity can only do so much to contain the fuzz-fueled riffing and noise solos that make up “The Hill.” If “The Hill” is a precursor to what’s coming up, it looks as though “The Year of the Segall” will be a good year.

“The Hill” b/w “Mother Lemonade” 7″ is out Sept. 4th on Drag City, with Twins soon to follow.

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