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Written by on December 28, 2012

Hi. Hello. Yo, what’s up.

My name’s Samantha. I run The Traveling Show here on Coog Radio, but you probably know me better as that girl who subbed in for your favorite CR shows this semester. I’ve had a blast hanging out with you guys on air — from the occasional (and completely accidental) innuendos, to those cheesy quips and strange remarks, all accompanied by some special tunes and good friends. As a thank you for tuning in and spending your nights (and sometimes afternoons) with me, here’s my last hurrah for 2012. See y’all next year; the world ain’t over yet! 😉

Best Album: Sucré – A Minor Bird

Sucré is comprised of Stacy King of Eisley, Darren King of Mutemath, and multi-instrumentalist and arranger Jeremy Larson. “A Minor Bird” is their debut album, and I’ve been obsessed with it — so much so that I’ve played various tracks in many of my shows, including “The Made-up Concert Inside My Head Tour.

Best music video that reminds me of my one semester in accounting: Pierce The Veil – King for a Day ft. Kellin Quinn

”PTV’s music video for “King for a Day” really does bring back bland memories of accounting class… and those days when I lusted over band dudes with long hair. Yep. No shame, just a really nice high school throwback.

Best NPR Music Field Recording that made my insides ooze with unicorns, narwals, and mugs of nutella hot chocolate: Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound

Come on now, let’s get real: You know I’m a sucker for northern european bands. Plus, I really enjoy this set-up — like really. I wish I was there, hanging out, dancing around, soaking it all in.

Best album I bought this year (and continuously listen to on repeat minus a couple of songs): Lana Del Rey – Born to Die

Yes, I like LDR. Somehow, I can relate to some of the tracks. ~You could say there’s this connection (lol just kidding)~ I could care less about the “Paradise” edition. I dig the monotony. I’ve been playing this on my phone to and from class and in my car. I sing along. This is the first CD I bought in like four years, maybe five, lol.

Best “I just really like this” music video: Say Anything – Say Anything

Say Anything is probably my favorite band. If you see me walking on campus beating my imaginary drum sticks on my air drum, it’s most likely because I’m listening to the “…Is a Real Boy” album. But I digress, the music video for “Say Anything” was released earlier this year and was directed by Darren King. Why I like: it’s a series of photographs taken over the course of four days in Tyler, TX; Sherri DuPree Bemis makes a little cameo appearance; and it’s always nice seeing Adam T. Siska, current bassist for SA and for the now defunct The Academy Is… (The Academy Is…over. Haha sorry, I couldn’t resist.) But speaking of ole’ Sisky Business…

Favorite set of tweets by a band member: Sisky Business aka Adam T. Siska.

Best and greatest disappointment: Punk goes Pop Vol. 5: I won’t torture you with FTSK’s cover, but here’s We Came As Roman’s cover of “Glad You Came,” which is probably one of the better tracks on this compilation (and the music video isn’t that bad).

Really though. This is the only thing I will be okay with you watching because the whole thing is a flop. When I saw the track listing, I was interested in hearing some of my old favorite bands cover some currently popular songs. Yeah… ~nice try Fearless Records.

Favorite studio session: Lord Huron at KEXP

I’ve watched a lot of KEXP videos; I like this one. The lights aren’t that bad either.

Best song to lose yourself to in a serene moment: GOVS – I’ve Never Seen A Ghost

I usually just lie on the floor with my eyes closed when I play this song. I love how it makes me feel. All good vibes. I can’t wait for the EP.

Best album to relax to and do creative things with: Message to Bears – Folding Leaves

I water color to this album. I bake to this album.

And to wrap it up,

Best “unf unf” studio sessions:

Now, Now – Thread

Wolf Gang – The King and All of His Men

Two of my favorite acoustic performances by two of my favorite bands, each playing one of my favorite songs on AltarTV’s Unplugged and Unrehearsed. I’ve played both bands’ songs on my show, and “Unf” really did pop up in my head when I watched these videos. It’s just all visually pleasurable.

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