Best of 2012: Pop Music w/ Ross Rudolph

What makes great, relevant, topical, analgesic, intriguing pop music? Innovation. Disregard to pretense. Interesting takes on the past. New visions for the future. Here is a list of artists that brought something new to the table this year and created beautifully cohesive albums. Each one takes its own ambitious approach combining, twisting, creating new genres and applies it to the age-old art of honest songwriting.


andy stott__________________________________________luxury problems

chromatics______________________________________________kill for love


cold pumas___________________________________persistent malaise

jk flesh_________________________________________________posthuman


dean blunt and inga copeland_________________________black is beautiful

death grips_______________________________________no love/deep web


a few slackers this year.. im looking at u beak, cc, dope bods, xx, grizzly bs, gybemps


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