Over a year ago, I started the Fresh Finds by Female Artists column on Coog Radio in an effort to support and highlight new music by women that often, unfortunately, gets overlooked. However, the purpose spans broader than this. I hope to challenge you to look at your music library – regardless of genres you […]

Banish your case of the Mondays with Coog Radio contributors’ favorite new releases from Friday, Nov. 30th. With some fun holiday music and artists like Skrillex, The 1975, and Alice Merton, this playlist is the perfect remedy and motivation for a new week. The title of this sensational playlist is inspired by “YA WOO COUGAR FOOTBALL!” Stemming from a subreddit complaining […]

The Growlers make you feel like you wandered into an ambient beach party bursting with psychedelic colors and surf rock. They’re a quintet band unlike many others and they are epitomized by Beach Goth. The band formed in 2006 with a couple of friends who were simply into music and as the story goes: one […]

With Free Press Houston’s Day For Night festival tomorrow, we decided to do a throwback to our coverage of last month’s Fun Fun Fun Fest. Check out all the fun fun fun our blog media team had at Austin’s 10th Anniversary Fun Fun Fun Fest!

Coverage by: Rupal Mehta, Rajiv Radia, Madeline Robicheaux, and Waylon O’Day

Put yourself in this situation; you love a song a lot, it’s the jam, there’s no way it can get more satisfying than it already is. Yet, the odds are defied in the most spectacular and unexpected way; a remix drops from a producer that’s got MAD remix skills. Once again, you find yourself struggling […]

  The Lena Dunham brain-child “Girls” has always garnered attention for the hip and eclectic music choices used on the show. Well, for this season, that continues with exclusive NEW tracks from indie-pop darlings St. Vincent and Grimes. The St. Vincent track is titled “Teen Talk” and the Grimes track is a collaboration with Bleachers […]

What makes great, relevant, topical, analgesic, intriguing pop music? Innovation. Disregard to pretense. Interesting takes on the past. New visions for the future. Here is a list of artists that brought something new to the table this year and created beautifully cohesive albums. Each one takes its own ambitious approach combining, twisting, creating new genres […]

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