It’s Gotta Be the Remix: Tracks by Producers Who’s Remix Game is Off The Charts

Written by on February 9, 2015

Put yourself in this situation; you love a song a lot, it’s the jam, there’s no way it can get more satisfying than it already is. Yet, the odds are defied in the most spectacular and unexpected way; a remix drops from a producer that’s got MAD remix skills. Once again, you find yourself struggling because, frankly, you like it better than the original. The world is good…

Sounds like a pretty awesome situation right? Well, this hypothetical situation can become a reality for you RIGHT NOW. This is a list of tracks from producers that consistently put out QUALITY remixes. Now, this is not a list of remixes that are BETTER than the original song, you can decide that for yourself, but I think you’ll appreciate these different flavors and maybe even want to drop them into your next party play list!


DJ White Shadow: 

Definitely one of my favorite producers, this Chicago D.J. has worked with some of the biggest artists in the game. One of the biggest is pop superstar Lady Gaga. He is responsible for some of her biggest tracks: “Edge of Glory,” “Born This Way,” “Applause” and “Do What U Want.” In addition, he is also responsible for all her best remixes as well. She’s had many noted producers remix her singles, but DJ White Shadow ALWAYS comes through with a great re-interpretation that’s both signature and fluid enough to go toe-toe with the original.


DJ White Shadow Trap Remix:


This UK female producer, and Hyperdub records alumni, is commonly known for more dubstep leaning EDM. However, on her last album “Aerotropolis,” she went for a more 80s dance feel. With this mentality still intact she went to conquer this monster single from Glasgow synth-pop heavyweights, Chvrches.


Ikonika Remix: 


Easily one of the most polarizing DJ/Producers in music right now, he has kickstarted and reinvented countless artists’ sounds and aesthetics. In conjunction with all that hype and running his own label MAD DECENT, he still finds time to put out ridiculous remixes that only he could do.


Diplo’s Andre Agassi Reebok Pump Remix:


Speaking of Diplo, this production duo works closely with him quite often; they were last seen on his last remix E.P. for “6th Gear.” When they’re not rubbing elbows with him, they take time to put out their own remixes to almost every huge banger that the world has to offer i.e. “Fancy,” the summer hit of 2K14. Be warned my friends, you MIGHT like this one more than the original. MIGHT.


GTA Remix: 

Rex the Dog: 

Real name Jake Williams, this British dance producer has remixed under a few different monikers. Yet, Rex the Dog pulls the main focus for purposes of getting you pumped and dancing hard. I have many favorites of his work, but I chose his remix of The Knife’s classic synth-pop track “Heartbeats” because of it’s complete transformation from mid-tempo ska flare to complete dance-floor madness.


Rex the Dog Remix: 


The now famed UK brotherly production duo has been dropping hit dance singles on us for almost two years now. With dance-floor anthems like “Control,” “White Noise,” and “Latch” to their credit, can they still pull out all the stops when remixing for other artists? The answer, is yes.


Disclosure Remix: 

Chris Cox: 

This Nevada-based producer has remixed and produced over 600 tracks. With that extensive of a catalog, it’s tough to pick one that can defy them all. So, I have picked one that I believe highlights his trademark features and once again showcases the power that remixing has to completely re-define a track. Bonus feature: do check out his Britney Spears Mega-Mix that he did for her Greatest Hits, it’ll make your millennial heart MELT.


Chris Cox Remix:


A festival favorite performer and Cali-DJ icon, Bassnectar has a unique style and a knack for reinventing himeself at the drop of a hat. You never know what he’s gonna do next, and that kind of energetic disposition makes his brand of glitch-drum-and-bass-down-tempo music hard to beat. His remixes are actually few-and-far-between, but when he does, it’s a banger.


Bassnectar Remix:


So what’s YOUR favorite remix? Comment below and share on social media and let me know if you throw any of these on at your next party!


By Trent Lira

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