Valentine’s Day Survival Playlist: Crushes

Written by on February 9, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! I know what you’re thinking. It’s near. It’s coming for us in a matter of days and we can’t avoid it. Valentine’s Day. V-DAY. It’s inevitable. Whether you’re in love, in like, out of love or not even thinking about love and it’s just another day…I’m going to help you through it. Every day this week, I’m going to hit you with a different playlist that appeals to just about anyone for Valentine’s Day. It may tug on your heart strings, upset you or at least make you feel a tad bit nostalgic.

Either way, we’re going to get through this together.

To start off, sometimes you just need a soundtrack for the feels that you get when you see your crush.

That feeling when your heart is about to spontaneously combust, you forget how to breathe and your mouth forgets how to use words. Well…I got you covered! Here are 10 songs for that special someone…whose name you probably haven’t figured out yet!

The Script “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved”

We’ve all done it. You’ve seen a really cute guy/girl at the gym or in class and your heart starts fluttering. You can’t get the nerve to say something right then and there and right before you know it…you miss your chance. You say to yourself, “Next time…I’ll say something next time.” While wondering about their existence, you keep showing up to the same spot at the same time hoping you get to redeem yourself.

Shwayze ft. The Cataracs and Dev “Love Letter”

Love letters are the most precious things you can ever do for a significant other. Sometimes you can’t rely on your mouth to do all the talking and for it to make sense. So, put all your feels onto paper! Even if it’s just a compliment, it will be greatly appreciated! Then who knows what will happen next.

We The Kings “Say You Like Me”‘

If people just saved you the trouble and told you they liked you first, life would be so much easier. I’m not saying show up to my window with a boom box in hand, blasting a love song and expressing your undying love….but we all know how well that worked for John Cusack in Say Anything.

Hunter Hayes “Storm Warning”

It would be nice to get a heads up when your heart is going to fall in like with someone. An advanced notice so you could be emotionally and mentally prepared, you know?

Olly Murs “Oh My Goodness”

Let’s also pretend that we haven’t planned our life with somebody we’ve only locked eyes with for five seconds.

David Archuleta “Crush”

David Archuleta had THE anthem for crushes worldwide. Thank you, David.

Britney Spears “(You Drive Me) Crazy”

Having a crush isn’t easy. It can drive you completely insane to constantly think about them all the time. No worries. There’s a Britney song for that.

Teddy Geiger “For You I Will (Confidence)”

“Nothing seems to be, nothing tastes as sweet as what I can’t have.” How can you not melt when you hear this song or see the video!? If you need a sign to approach someone, this is it. TAKE IT.

Plug In Stereo ft. Cady Groves “Oh Darling”

If you want to pretend that your significant other is singing this song to you…by all means go ahead.

The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato “Somebody To You”

It doesn’t have to be serious all the time! Sometimes you just want to be a friend first. That’s right…build that foundation in the friend zone…then get married. This is for all of you that want to be somebody’s somebody.

Overall, there are so many songs that apply to the heart feels that come with having a crush. It can be the most exciting thing. It can also be stressful! Don’t worry if you haven’t found that special somebody and don’t fret about not having a Valentine’s. Maybe this inspires you to talk to that special someone you’ve had your eye on. What songs did I miss? Comment and let us know what songs come to mind when you think of your crush!

Stay tuned for more tunes on Tuesday!


By Rae Tolbert

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