As if Zayn’s “PILLOWTALK” could get any better than it already is, Tyler the Creator gives the song some funky touches of his own in a remix posted this past Tuesday.

Much like in the past, Kali Uchis delivers one hell of a music video that includes her homeland Colombia and plenty of hip-heavy dancing.  

It’s been approximately 15 days since spring break has ended and yes, I’ve been keeping count. Some of us have gone straight from spring bliss to exams and the separation anxiety from spring break is at an all time high. Being attached to a desk and a computer for an extended amount of time makes […]

Put yourself in this situation; you love a song a lot, it’s the jam, there’s no way it can get more satisfying than it already is. Yet, the odds are defied in the most spectacular and unexpected way; a remix drops from a producer that’s got MAD remix skills. Once again, you find yourself struggling […]

With all the success that Beyonce and Jay Z’s “Drunk in Love” has, other artists couldn’t help but release their own versions. Kanye West is featured on the official remix of the single and raps about his wife, Kim Kardashian, over a slightly changed beat. Instead of “surfboard,” Kanye speaks of that “cowgirl.” Beyonce released […]

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