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Written by on April 6, 2015

It’s been approximately 15 days since spring break has ended and yes, I’ve been keeping count. Some of us have gone straight from spring bliss to exams and the separation anxiety from spring break is at an all time high.

Being attached to a desk and a computer for an extended amount of time makes us all very anxious and every once in a while, getting up to get a good stretch is a necessity. Instead of an old boring deep breath and shake to wake up your legs, why not wake up with a good bass.

This playlist will make you feel like:


When in reality you will look like:


No shame though! While trying to find a “pick-me-up” type of song for studying, I stumbled upon Swizzymack. He was discovered by Diplo and is a big contributor to Philly Club music. From then I went on a whole trek throughout SoundCloud and compiled this playlist to get you awake, hype and to keep you going.

1. How About Now – Drake (Swizzymack Philly Club Remix)
This is the song that started the whole thing and by far the top track on the playlist. With its bumps and added instruments adding perfect complexity to a song that will make you want to find that old spinning disco ball light from intermediate school and make your own club (it will be very lame don’t do it).

2. Bubble Butt – Major Lazer ft. Tyga (Swizzymack Remix)
Get up. If this doesn’t have you dancing and shaking in your chair I don’t know what will.

3. Hokey Pokey ft. Tokyo (Swizzymack Remix)
I’m going to admit, this one is a bit of a weird choice but just give it a chance and it will change your mind. Especially if you like a lot of blaring siren horn because this song is a solid 77% blaring siren horn.

4. Dance (A$$) – Big Sean (DJ GET EM Remix)
Classic club song that was already on point but this remix will have you falling in love with this song again.

5. End of Time – Beyonce (Swizzymack Remix)
Even with her top notch producers, you would think that her songs were already perfect but Swizzymack has restyled this for the club. This specifically holds a place in the middle of this playlist because not much has been changed about this song and it’s a great one to take a break to.

6. Truffle Butter – Nicki Minaj ft. Drake, Lil Wayne (YK Remix)
One of Minaj’s more recent and risque songs remastered for all your dancing needs.

7. Suit & Tie  – Justin Timberlake (R3ll Remix)
The well loved JT, known for his classic style and falsetto style voice, this remix strays from the original. The horns are kept which grounds the song and there’s great breakdown halfway through the song but added whip noises and voices create a new energy.

8. Bad Girls – M.I.A (Yinyues Remix)
M.I.A is already more “out there” compared to other artists on this playlist but even more Sri Lankan instumentals have been added and you could even chill out to this song.

9. All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor (Crysis Remix)
Even the most bubblegum pop songs can be found with an added bass drop on SoundCloud, this one is exceptional. With a good pair of headphones, this song’s drop will have your hands up and your worries long gone.

10. Drop It Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg (Tim Gunter Remix)
It’s Snoop. It’s good. Just listen.


By Yalda Etemadi

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