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This group has elements of Outkast’s fun and outgoing music, and projects Odd Future-esque “we don’t give a crap” attitudes and activities, yet they have only 38.6K followers on Twitter? That has got to be a complete joke when the group is co-signed by and collaborating with acclaimed producer Pharrell. OverDoz. is a up and […]

The 2015 Billboard Awards on May 17th, and this year it was hosted by Ludacris and Chrissy Teigen. If you were busy but you still want to know what happened so you can talk about it with your friends, this post is for you- I notice you, I’ve got you.

Amy Winehouse entered back into media headlines with the release of a trailer from a brand new documentary over her successful, yet tragically short, life. Considered one of the greatest women in music, as well as being called the “pre-eminent vocal talent of her generation,” Amy Winehouse changed the music game. With an amazingly soulful […]

It’s been approximately 15 days since spring break has ended and yes, I’ve been keeping count. Some of us have gone straight from spring bliss to exams and the separation anxiety from spring break is at an all time high. Being attached to a desk and a computer for an extended amount of time makes […]

I am such a 90s baby, so I love all the music from the late 90s and the early 2000s. One of my favorite pop divas of that era and most likely of all time, is Christina Aguilera. I am such a fan! I have also become a fan of Ed Sheeran in recent years, so […]

Around this time last month, December 6th to be exact, rapper Childish Gambino released his last official album, “Because the Internet”- a long awaited album since his debut 2011 album “Camp”.  If you weren’t a fan of Childish Gambino before “Because the Internet”, then you were definitely one after. This album generated the most buzz, especially […]

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