Artist Spotlight: OverDoz. – A Unique LA Collective

Written by on July 9, 2015

This group has elements of Outkast’s fun and outgoing music, and projects Odd Future-esque “we don’t give a crap” attitudes and activities, yet they have only 38.6K followers on Twitter? That has got to be a complete joke when the group is co-signed by and collaborating with acclaimed producer Pharrell. OverDoz. is a up and coming rap group, and I predict they will be a new favorite on your playlist.


From left to right: Joon, Sleezy, Kent, and Creamie

OverDoz. is a larger LA collective, but is represented by the four main members in the picture above who became friends and formed the group based on similar interests in hip-hop culture and music. The group has been making moves since 2011 with two albums under their belt, “Live For, Die For,” and “Boom,” which is available for free! Go figure.

Why should you give this group a chance? You might be thinking, “this group’s been around since 2011, so why should I care now?” OverDoz. is now on the up. With “Last Kiss” as a recent single, it’ll be in any music lover’s best interest to watch out for a new album from this LA power rap group.

If you need any more convincing, check out their most recent music videos below which feature a beat produced by Pharrell himself in “Last Kiss” and Childish Gambino-esque rapping in “Killer Tofu,” which Gambino makes an appearance in as well.

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