Amy Winehouse is Back in the Media!

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Amy Winehouse entered back into media headlines with the release of a trailer from a brand new documentary over her successful, yet tragically short, life. Considered one of the greatest women in music, as well as being called the “pre-eminent vocal talent of her generation,” Amy Winehouse changed the music game. With an amazingly soulful voice, along with personal song written by herself, she won many awards, received a lot of critical acclaim, and had a successful career.  The documentary is set to explain her life in detail, focusing on her childhood and love of music, which led her to become a world famous musician. Unfortunately, this film will only be in theaters in the UK. The discussion of the movie got me thinking though, and I started thinking of all my favorite Amy Winehouse songs! Below are my top ten favorites, and I highly recommend that you check them out and remember the artist that meant so much to the world of music and paved the way for other artists throughout the world.


2. Back to Black

3. Stronger Than Me

4. You Know I’m No Good

5. Tears Dry on Their Own

6. In My Bed

7. Valerie

8. Amy Amy Amy

9. Me and Mr. Jones

10. Love is a Losing Game

What’s your favorite Amy Winehouse song?


By Micah McDonald

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