Tyler the Creator’s Remix of “PILLOWTALK” Elevates the Song to New Heights

Written by on June 23, 2016

As if Zayn’s “PILLOWTALK” could get any better than it already is, Tyler the Creator gives the song some funky touches of his own in a remix posted this past Tuesday.


“PILLOWTALK” is one of Zayn Malik’s more popular songs off his most recent album, Mind of Mine. It’s a dreamy pop serenade which showcases Zayn’s impressive vocal range and growth. If you haven’t heard PILLOWTALK before, watch out the music video for it below.

In Tyler the Creator’s remix he adds some groovy flair to the song with more bass, more reverb, and a guitar riff that pairs surprisingly well with the former One Directioner’s track. The video Tyler posted along with the remix is light-hearted where he rocks out completely clad in yellow Golf clothing, pulling out any various items in his room to put together to the remix. Anyone that has put their favorite jams on blast and danced alone in their room can relate, myself included.

Check out the PILLOWTALK remix in the video below.

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