Skeletonwitch Release New Album Details

Written by on August 14, 2013

In 2007, Skeletonwitch seared themselves into the minds of metal heads everywhere with their Prosthetic Records debut, Beyond the Permafrost.  That album set the template for high energy darkness and evil in the American metal scene.  Even Glenn Danzig was impressed as he personally requested them to be his opening act on the 2008 Blackest of the Black tour.

It’s difficult to imagine how much energy is contained within each of the 5 bodies that make up Skeletonwitch. Every song on each of their first 3 albums is a supernova of soul-consuming evil.  Now the witch is back.  The new album, Serpents Unleashed (out Oct 29 on Prosthetic Records), promises more of the same while continuing the solid growth in songwriting they showed on Forever Abomination.

Check out the behind the scenes video  for the first single, “Burned From Bone.” If they can project that much fury while standing still and recording the song, just imagine how much frontman Chance Garnette can whip up a crowd of drunken metalheads (hint:  the energy of the crowd goes off the charts).

And if you get the opportunity to see them live, buy a t-shirt.  They have some of the coolest t-shirts you can find.


By Rick Custer

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