Throwback Thursday: Weezer Edition

Written by on August 15, 2013


If there’s a band I can forgive, it’s Weezer. For long-term fans like me, Weezer is seen as one of those bands that made it cool to be nerdy, or at the very least made it not as unbearable as adoloescence can make it seem. However, the later years of the band can be seen as iffy as best. Compared to their first two albums, their later releases seem almost like a cash grab. Instead of heartfelt songs about losing love , we got songs about Beverley Hills and wanting to be there and rolling like a celebrity. Some saw it as selling out.

Me? I choose to see it as a well-deserved retirement. They’ve spent decades in the tiny part of the limelight, content to deliver excellent albums to their dedicated fan base. However, exposing that much of yourself and having critics the world over call it mediocre (see any review of Pinkerton from 20 years ago) can wear on a person for so long. I know if I were in that position, I’d rather make the safe pop songs about California and celebrities instead of music critics telling me my emotional expression is invalid. Weezer has made money off those cheap pop hits, and they deserve it. I want them to make as much as they can before they decide to break up (which rumors have swirled for years stating that will come sooner rather than later). I want them to be happy.

That doesn’t mean I’ll listen to the Red Album and not feel a twinge of pain.

As a throwback to some of my favorite albums, I present the videos for Say It Ain’t So, El Scorcho, and The Good Life.

Say It Ain’t So

View the next two after the jump.

El Scorcho

The Good Life (starring a pre-24 Mary Lynn Rajskub)

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By Justin Lyles

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