Bon Iver’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time”

Written by on September 3, 2013

Lately, I’ve caught myself staying up way later than usual for reasons unbeknownst to me, and during these nights, I usually listen to mellowed-out tunes and watch performances found on YouTube. Now, we all know of Bon Iver or Bonny Bear as he was he was briefly known to most on Twitter; we also know of Bonnie Raitt’s classics “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and “Nick of Time”; and we also know that this video has been out for a while now. While I was surfing around for videos to entertain the budding insomniac inside of me, I came across this cover, which I haven’t seen for a while now and actually forgot about. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about this cover that gets me almost every single time. Maybe it’s the piano or that it makes me think of How to Dress Well’s cover of R. Kelly’s “I Wish,” which is probably my favorite cover (or at least that’s what I said in my creative writing class last week). I don’t really know, but whether you like Bon Iver, if you’re having trouble sleeping, this will help you fall asleep.

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