An Endless Sporadic is back in action

Written by on October 7, 2013

endless sporadicAfter a long-awaited return, the progressive rock group, An Endless Sporadic, has finally announced new material currently in the works. The band, regularly directly interacting with its modest fan base through social media, teased its small but devoted fans with a quick and sweet demo titled “Derpulous,” leaving the fans excited and distraught from the emotional and euphoric ride that can only be accurately described as Derpulous.

Derpulous ArtworkRoxy Performance

Recently performing at The Roxy Theatre in Hollywood, the band’s 2-year hiatus came to an end October 6th. The band’s excitement was expressed overall through its showmanship and splendid musicianship. The band stated after the show,”We had a blast playing for you! We have more shows and demos to release very soon so keep checking in.”

The band’s sound, composed primarily of the blending of rock, bossa nova, acid jazz, and metal, is ultimately an experimentation of a unique tone that the band has hoped to achieve through their years active. Combining all of the sounds that the group has learned an appreciation for, the music generated from the band proves to be an acquired taste among the music community.

Despite their anticipation, fans do not find it a surprise that the band has not announced any new material up until now, knowing that because of personal reasons, the band is in fact not a full-time priority. The band continues to write music together over the Internet as much as possible, but however still strives to fulfill their goal of gaining enough support to continue An Endless Sporadic as a full-time commitment for themselves and their fans.


By Israel Rodriguez

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