Concert: Local Natives & Wild Nothing

Written by on October 14, 2013

Local Natives at House of BluesOn October 9th at the House of Blues, I had the pleasure to attend the Local Natives concert with an introductory performance by Wild Nothing. This was my first time at the House of Blues since I usually attend concerts at either Fitzgerald’s or Warehouse Live, and I have to say, I am pretty impressed and happy how House of Blues added to my experience at the concert.

Watching Local Natives perform was a nice break to take from all the midterm exams and papers I had to do that week. Upon arriving, Wild Nothing was already performing on stage with a minimal crowd watching. I was actually confused for a minute, mistaking them for Local Natives but was quick to realize that it must have been the intro band since there wasn’t a moshpit of Indie followers that Local Natives usually brings.

I have to admit that I honestly enjoyed Wild Nothing as much or even more than Local Natives. They have that new, fresh, and upbeat rhythm that just screamed to me of the new wave of music that is constantly being produced but yet still holds on to that popular 80’s influence. Local Natives was a band that I originally listened to back in 2009 (either in high school or freshman year of UH) with their album titled Gorilla Manor. This band, originally from California, has that easy Cali Indie vibe to its music but isn’t something I would gravitate toward now. They opened with the song, “Breakers,” from their latest album but continued to play a majority of songs from their 2009 album.

Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy the concert. It was definitely a nostalgic feeling to me since it brought back memories from four years ago, but Local Natives’ music did not impress me as much as Wild Nothing. Whatever my opinion is, it does not stop the rising popularity of followers for Local Natives. The crowd was packed and the energy from the room was immeasurable. Among the crowd I could see couples holding each other and singing along to the band’s charming and easy going songs such as “Wide Eyes” and “Airplanes,” and I often, surprisingly, found myself singing along to songs I haven’t heard in years.

Local Natives will be performing in Austin City Limits today on October 11th. I do recommend that you check out Wild Nothing as they were my favorite part of the concert.

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By: Catalina Campos

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