The British Invasion of the 2010’s

Written by on August 1, 2014

From the likes of Duffy to Sam Smith, the resurgence and popularity of British acts are taking off faster than minimalist mustache coffee mugs. The deep, soulful voices of singers like Adele and John Newman have been resonating through the top of the charts and selling at alarming speeds all over the globe.

Inspired by powerful singers like Etta James, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder, this gamut of musicians has captivated the world with their revival of provocative, romantic and poignant contemporary R&B. Although Amy Winehouse has now passed, she can be inarguably accredited to beginning and popularizing this kind of music from the British Isles. Her legacy continues to influence many of these artists who look to her music for inspiration, and journalists also never fail to compare many of these new up and coming stars to her style of voice and presence.

The talent these artists have doesn’t stop at branding a super catchy and passionate genre, but goes beyond branching out to create not only touching ballads but danceable jams from their soulful voices. Their projects as well as collaborations with musicians like Disclosure and Wale prove that there is a lot in store for these musicians who seem to promise new, exciting and timeless music.

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Below is a list of some of the top songs by these artists:

1. Stay With Me, By: Sam Smith
2. Love Me Again, By: John Newman
3. Valerie, By: Amy Winehouse
4. Someone like You; By: Adele
5. Mercy; By: Duffy
6. Sweet About Me, By: Gabriella Climi

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