Author: TIffany Valdez

Interview with vocalist, Ryan Harkrider 

Without a doubt, Revention Music Center was one of the hottest places to be this Friday night in downtown Houston. A line of fans wrapped around the building, which made the hype for Zedd’s show was beyond impressive. Sporting everything from pink eyebrows, LED tennis shoes and furry costumes, EDM fans brought not only their […]

Exuding charisma and beauty, Selena Quintanilla was one of the most promising performers to have ever emerged out of the Tejano music scene. Characterized largely by the familiar sound of synthesizers, the genre reached its peak of popularity during the nineties with groups like La Mafia, La Sombra, Bobby Pulido and of course Selena who […]

In no particular order, of course, these movie soundtracks include not only timeless classics but also modern treasures with some of the best works from the most talented musicians of our era. Below are my top six favorites:

Because why not? Oftentimes not appreciated nor considered glamorous/legendary by many, early 2000’s Rock hasn’t exactly received a great rep in music history. In the last decade of this time period, rock music had little to no presence on the charts. The 90’s simply left big shoes to fill and many people we’re convinced that […]

Photography by: Tiffany Valdez

The 2000’s rock scene was made from dull and lifeless to golden by The Strokes. Fresh from New York’s underground Lower East Side music scene, The Strokes embodied a cool, laidback, and ridiculously talented musical genre, relatively new to the repetitive, borderline pop rock and roll music emerging from the early 2000’s. Grunge had run […]

Opening in a frenzy of strumming guitars and prominent snares, Mumford and Sons recently released a track title, “The Wolf”, which was released on April 9. With a surprisingly new sound, “electric” and upbeat compared to older material, this track revealed the band’s so far successful attempt at exploring different much more dynamic musical styles. […]

Global sensation and beloved Brit singer, Ed Sheeran, just announced a stadium tour and will be coming here to Houston on Sept. 3 to perform at the BBVA Compass stadium in East downtown. Tickets go on sale April 10 at ten am and range from $59.50-$69.50. Don’t miss your chance to see the talented singer […]

In what was a night full of exuberant dancing and exciting sing-a-longs, Meghan Trainor did nonetheless than put on a sparkling performance at her sold out show in Houston’s House of Blues. Promoting glittering self confidence to her fans, harmonizing as well as any R&B singer, and of course flaunting her amazing dance moves in her […]

Taking Back Sunday, Letlive and the Menzingers continued onto to what was their second stop of their North American tour at nonetheless than Houston’s very own House of Blues. In what was a night full of all kinds of craziness and explosive musical energy the performances were superb to say the least. We arrived at […]

At promptly seven pm the doors at the House of Blues opened in to welcome a mass of eager Rebelution fans to their much anticipated, sold out show. As always the venue, packed with chattering, bouncing fans awaiting the band provided its relaxed, intimate vibes. Dreads, tribal sweaters, and even pockets of sorority girls composed […]

Lana Del Rey is returning with the release of album No. 4 which will be called Honeymoon. The songstress claims the album will be “very different” yet will have traces of style similar to her 2012 debut, Born to Die. She has also promised a Nina Simone cover, of which she has said “I like summarising […]

Ed Sheeran- Drunk In Love By: Beyonce From hip hop to acoustic, it was done by the one and only. Sheeran takes on the job quite skillfully as he offers his beautiful rendition of Beyoncé’s popular single Taylor Swift– Riptide By: Vance Joy A lovely twist to Vance Joy’s hit song, Taylor Swift carries the […]

Recorded at the Red Bull studios for the brand’s series 20before15, Down 4 So Long (Remix) is the most bizarre yet incredible collaboration of the month. Not only is it slightly hilarious, but it’s also a pleasant listen with delicate vocalizing and interesting  goofy, retrospective lyrics. There is also references to Shomney dancing Goths and […]

1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) By: Arcade Fire “You change all the lead sleeping in my head to gold As the day grows dim, I hear you sing a golden hymn It’s the song I’ve been trying to sing… Purify the colors, purify my mind Purify the colors, purify my mind And spread the ashes of the […]

HBO’s Girls From New Order, Oasis to Solange, the Girls’ soundtrack is definitely one worth a listen. It’s quixotic, crazy and fits hilariously and perfectly into just about every single scene whether it is of Hannah and Jessa singing “Wonderwall” melancholically in a bathtub, or of Marnie miserably ruining Kanye West’s “Stronger” at an office […]

March 3, 2015 marks the release date of Modest Mouse’s much-anticipated new album. The band titled their new work, “Strangers to Ourselves” and has posted pictures on their Instagram of artwork, which could potentially be the cover art for a single or the album itself. The critically acclaimed band last released an album in 2007, which […]

Day three of the festival was by far the more relaxed day of the weekend. As opposed to camping out front stage, shoving through crowds and scavenging for good viewing spots, we decided to casually lounge around from stage to stage and watch a variety of things. We started off in the blue stage where […]

I arrived at the festival a little after noon to find yet again, fantastic weather and masses of people ready for the start of the next musical/comical/BMXing day. Saturday was spent mainly on the orange stage, which by one pm was already crowded with people, securing their spots at the front of the stage. San […]

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