Tiffany’s FunFunFun Fest Journey: Day Two

Written by on November 9, 2014

I arrived at the festival a little after noon to find yet again, fantastic weather and masses of people ready for the start of the next musical/comical/BMXing day.

Saturday was spent mainly on the orange stage, which by one pm was already crowded with people, securing their spots at the front of the stage. San Fermin was by far one of the most exciting, and energetic bands I have seen to date. The lead singers possessed a mixture of blues and pop rock vocals, which were blended in beautifully by an orchestra of motley instruments. They were like the soulful version of The Naked and Famous and gave off a contagious energy unlike any other.

austrailian singer
The Australian, Courtney Barnett came along next and performed a very classic sounding set filled with crazy guitar riffs, interesting vocals and her radio hit Avant Gardner, which was very much a crowd favorite.

The New Pornographers

The Pains of Being Pure at heart took the stage next and presented a very upbeat Cure-inspired act, which pumped up the audience yet even further to welcome in the much awaited New Pornographers. The well-known band was received to happy fans that all seemed to thoroughly enjoy their unique and impromptu performance. It appeared that they seemed to agree on which song to play only after they finished one and their energy was incredible.

First Aid Kit

Later, the golden vested Swedish sisters of First Aid Kit came out and played a beautiful set of their folk favorites. Their voices thundered across the crowd, and their rendition of Jack White’s Love Interruption was nonetheless than enchanting. Finally Modest Mouse began their anticipated set with World At Large, which started off a highly electrified concert, which had the sea of people bopping up and down. They played Float on as well as a big variety of their favorites. To say the least, they ended the fest in a frenzy of enthusiasm, well curated instrumentation and most importantly wildly overzealous fan appreciation.

Modest Mouse

After the festival, we made our way to The Belmont to see the Velvet Underground cover band that was headed by child star, Macaulay Culkin. The bands rendition’s of pizza themed classic rock was a beautiful disaster that left a crowd outside peering in to see the madness.
Seeing Macaulay Culkin was interestingly and hilariously one of the most exciting things we experienced that night.


Our long day ended with Angel Olsen’s hauntingly appealing voice at The Parish. Her meek stage presence left the crowd stunned with a myriad of emotions. Even at three in the morning, Sixth Street was as wild, lively and as upbeat as ever and as we left the party seemed to be just be beginning.
Day Two was hectic, it was eventful, but most importantly it was a wonderful day full of experience and musical craziness.

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