Corina’s FunFunFun Fest Chronicles: Day Two

Written by on November 9, 2014

Day two of festing, I arrived on the scene early at 11:30. The weather was a bit warmer than the night before, causing me to stuff my jacket in the bottom of my backpack. I was able to catch indie rockers, The Sour Notes on the Orange Stage. They were so much fun! Their beats were a little blast from the past mixed with modern touch of synthesizers. They were an absolute pleasure!  I am always a fan of lady drummers, and both of them were stellar. They swapped drums and bass in the middle of the set. I will be having a small interview with them in a few hours at Auditorium Shores.


I then had to wait a good two hours for the next act. Glassjaw is on of the top bands that I had to see. I was so excited!!! So for two hours I passed out in one of many designated resting areas. The burlap sack types of things set up were surprisingly very comfortable. Around 1:45 I had gotten myself I decent spot up close on stage left and the fellow Glassjaw lovers mingled while waiting for them to start. As soon as Daryl Palumbo came on stage we all went wild. He looked magnificent in his tight tee and ripped jeans. Music started, he kindly asked the sound guy to turn his mic up and then released that signature scream. The crowd surfing was intense. There was a part of the stage that was extended a bit further back and fans were getting up there and hurling themselves into the crowd. A few were getting vreative and did flips in the air, jumping unto the crowd as if it were water. I never wanted the set to end, but when it ended one funny guy said, “So what now?! The rest of the day cannot compare to this!”


After Glassjaw, I took a mini break to charge my phone and camera and made friend with the staff at a Mexican restaurant, where I ended up having dinner a little later. I went back into the festival to see Fred Armisen on the Yellow Stage. I got distracted by meeting with one the artists painting the live mural installment. I climbed the ladder atop the set up they have and sat with him while he cleaned his brushes. Cody Schibi was a sweetheart, very nice and talented. I will post the full interview tonight after I get a photo of the final piece. I ran to the Yellow Stage around 4:30. It was so packed I could not even get through to see him! I just heard that signature voice playing some goofy songs.


Then I went to see The Black Lips. I knew it would be my kind of show when the whole band is taking swigs from a huge wine bottle. I appreciate the classier things in life you see. I truly felt I was in the 60’s or 70’s with their rock and roll playing. Then a production guy, or band friend came on stage and threw rolls of toilet paper into the crowd! It mostly ended getting ripped to shreds opposed to the crowd being T.P as I would imagine was the goal.

TBLips (1)

After I caught The New Pornographers and had a hectic media moment. Turns out I cannot talk my way into the photo pit. I was practically in there! There were a pleasure to see live, very organized in their music and presentation.


I took a dinner break at the Mexican restaurant across the street, I hate change and was cozy there. Then due to Nas being crazy packed, my height was called upon to get a decent shot. I go into the production pit, unfortunately was unable to get the greatest shot. I am not a huge fan of Nas, not even going to lie, I had never even heard of him before this festival, but it was a cool atmosphere. The crowd was singing along with him the entire time I was there.


Then I went to the Black Stage to see King Diamond, which I was very excited for! I love theatrical metal shows! What threw me off was that I saw the most children at King Diamond than any other show. Those poor poor kiddos… I’m sure a few of them had nightmares. A little insight to King Diamond’s set-up- before the show started there was a giant curtain over an unknown thing. I snuck to the side and saw that it was an iron gate. The stage had a backdrop to resemble a church, a neon pentagram that was to resemble a stained glass piece in the middle, a regular neon cross on the left and an upside down cross on the right, then two staircases on both sides of the stage with a walkway between with railing. The set-up was elaborate. The Danish King then emerged with his signature white painted face with black crosses and begins belting his ominous voice through a mic that has a cross attached to it. He used every inch of that stage and the props. He was trying to escape the gate as if he were trying to escape the gates of hell. For one song a creepy little ghoul of a man was present and he and King Diamond had a playing, kind of terrifying dynamic going on. Also, there was a short man whose face was painted after King Diamond’s making scary whoing noises behind me. I was alarmed to say the least.

king d

I then made my way to Modest Mouse and arrived just in time for Dashboard. The crowd for Modest put the other two stage’s crowds to shame. I could not find a hole to sneak into on any side. People came to see Modest Mouse! I got into a decent spot stage right and was able to enjoy the music and the Austin skyline. I left after Float On was performed as to not be caught in the mess that is exciting the festival when it is over. I was able to still hear them playing outside the gates as I walked back to my car. It was a great show, words cannot describe. The musical strides this band continues to make is a solid reason why they deserve the crowd that was pulled last night.

Day Two was a blast, so excited for tonight!

Stay tuned.


By Corina Carrizales

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