Tiffany’s Funfunfun Fest Journey: Day Three

Written by on November 10, 2014

Day three of the festival was by far the more relaxed day of the weekend. As opposed to camping out front stage, shoving through crowds and scavenging for good viewing spots, we decided to casually lounge around from stage to stage and watch a variety of things.

We started off in the blue stage where we had planned to await Skye, but after receiving news of her postponed show we made our way over the Orange stage where indie band, Gardens and Villa played a very laid back, refreshing Phoenix-inspired synth set.

We took a break from concert viewing to check out some skateboard art and most importantly the Volcom skaters, which put on a very impressive performance. A few free Twinkies and Kimchi fries later we went over to check out Deafheaven, who was in the middle of a passionate and extremely tantalizing set. Although not a huge fan of their genre, I became immersed into their music and the lead singer did an incredible job at captivating every viewer in the crowd. I didn’t think I’d be the one to enjoy a show like this but I was completely entranced.

Soon after, we went to check out Foxygen, who was finishing up what looked like a show full of wild dancing, crazy music and lots of flashy costumes. The Californian group was very impressive, and the lead singer channeled the shirtless, waif thin Iggy Pop in a very interesting and modern way. The audience seemed very engaged, and the songs seemed to be very danceable to say the least. It’s no wonder they were cited as some of the most promising new acts in recent years.



When they finished and the crowd disseminated, I was lucky enough to secure a front row spot to see the Dum Dum Girls who came out, clad in all black and coated with an extra layer of girl group cool. Their set included some of their favorites such as Rimbaud Eyes, and Cult of Love. The girls (and guy) put on a good show, and the lead singer of the band did an incredible job at enchanting her fans with her graceful swaying and deep, rich voice.

The band members were very charming, and were nice enough to crumple up a set list and throw it my way. Definitely a much more laid back show, it was just what was needed to watch the sun set over Austin.

Day Three ended sooner than expected, but it was still nonetheless another day full of fantastic talent and an experience unlike any other. The festival was indeed everything I hoped for it to be, and Austin was the perfect city to host all the wonderful bands, comedians and other performers who made for such a fun fun fun weekend.

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