Australian Rap Sensation Iggy Azalea Takes on Houston!

Written by on October 6, 2014


Decked out in a crystallized blue and black suit, and sporting her long blonde hair loose around her shoulders, Australian rap sensation Iggy Azalea thundered across the stage at Houston’s Bayou Music Center this past weekend, Friday October 3rd.

A flurry of fans of all ages awaited her since the early hours of the evening donning all kinds of colorful, flamboyant, Iggy-inspired attire. The night was pleasant and the atmosphere at the venue was nothing short of ‘bouncing off the walls’ exciting as Houstonians prepared to see Iggy’s performance.


As soon as the crowd was let in, people poured in to center stage and all across the large concert hall to claim the best place to view one of the most popular artists of this day and age.

After a DJ opening act that initiated mad dancing through familiar upbeat jams, the teeming, hyped up crowd readily awaited Iggy. Minutes later, the sky-high pop rap princess stomped through the main stage and greeted her beloved Houston, a city she once inhabited and went straight to start the show relying heavily on songs from her album, The New Classic, for much of the sixty minute set. Some of the songs blended together towards the end in a continuous mix to keep a cool flow of sound going such as “Bounce” and “My World”, a neat technique that kept the liveliness at a full throttle.


Crowd favorites like “Black Widow” and “No Problem” were also performed and danced to by appreciate fans that never stopped shouting out words and popping out dance moves to what appeared to be at the same speed as Iggy and her dancers. To say the least, Iggy Azalea proved to be a fantastic performer, full of energy and glittering confidence. Accompanied by her four backup dancers and DJ she strutted across the stage in a powerful, alluring and excitingly animated fashion.

The audience happily fed off her energy as they danced, sang, and held their cellphones and cameras up in the air in an effort to capture the sparkling craze of the show. It was truly a fabulous performance and won Iggy a standing ovation from a city not only close to her heart, but eager to appreciate her talent.


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