Echosmith + The Mowgli’s + American Authors Shake Up Warehouse Live

Written by on October 20, 2014

IMG_3177Since early on in the evening, the line into Warehouse Live snaked around the corner of the venue as fans anxiously waited to pour into the popular downtown show spot. The Cool Kids creators, Echosmith, popular indie act, The Mowgli’s and Brooklyn based quartet, American Authors composed the colorful lineup last Saturday’s night.

Once inside, the location was filled with people of all ages and backgrounds from rowdy college kids, parents with their middle school daughters sporting just bought band merch and the usual pack of high school indie rock lovers hopping around in high waisted shorts and Vans. The atmosphere was relaxed, but teeming with excitement as danceable, familiar songs played in between sets and constantly recharged the already electrified crowd.

Echosmith took stage first as they strolled in, in their classically cool Californian attire and effortlessly appealing rock and roll look. The lead singer, clad in a white crop top and skirt ensemble was petite but was nonetheless accompanied by powerful vocals and an imposingly strong, and bubbly stage presence. The band of four, was captivating and carried out a well put together show with some great 80’s inspired songs such as the lovely indie ballad-Tell Her You Love Her and the ridiculously catchy, Cool Kids. Spinning around an umbrella, and hopping around energetically with their guitars, Echosmith put on a stellar performance.
The Mowgli’s followed shortly thereafter, with a very fun, lively, and colorful set which included a mass energy flow from the very enthusiastic band members as they presented their songs with thundering instruments and vocals and a very interesting stage dynamic. They closed with their widely known song, San Francisco in a wonderful flurry of delightful and compelling vibes.

Finally American Authors closed the show with a fantastic, vibrant and highly interactive set, which consisted of lead singer, Zac Barnett jumping into the crowd on multiple occasions amongst other nice and unexpected happenings such as the band’s incredible cover of Coldplay’s Yellow. The concert slowly ended shortly thereafter the band played their much-anticipated hit Best Day of My Life in what was perhaps the most interactive rendition of a song I have yet to see.

All in all, the show was nothing but a great time and afterwards I caught up with the members of Echosmith on their tour bus. Not only were they incredibly friendly, and welcoming but they signed my poster and were nice enough to pose for a picture just for Coog Radio as a thank you to the city of Houston and all of the wonderful supporters here at the university and in the city who came out to make such an amazing show possible.


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