Fresh from New York: Top 5 New York Bands You Should Listen to Now

Written by on October 9, 2014

From the Beastie Boys to The Ramones, the Big Apple has given us countless bands that have more or less defined entire musical generations. Below are some of the most promising bands emerging from the ever thriving music scene today:

1. Skaters
A Manhattan based band, Skaters is a raw, gritty and completely catchy punk indie rock act. Consisting of Michael Ian Cummings, Noah Rubin and Josh Hubbard, the trio embodies youth, DIY rock and roll and the spirit of their beloved city.

I Wanna Dance But I Don’t Know How

2. Hits
A funky quintet that embodies New York nightlife, 80’s pop melodies and upbeat electro-synth, Hits can bring the liveliness to any party. Mentioned on top sites like Byrne Notice and carrying around connections through friends such as Cobra Starship, Hits is definitely worth a listen.


3. The Drums

With a record deal, a Jimmy Fallon performance and a third studio album (just released on September 23) under their wing, The Drums, form part of the Brooklyn mine of wonderful discoveries. Influenced by The Smiths and Joy Division, this indie pop rock group has been spotlighted for their moody, alternative pop creations, intimate lyrics, and remnants of 80’s post punk.

Magic Mountain

4. Hunters

Another Brooklyn gem, this boy/girl punk band takes you back to New York in the 70’s, and nights at the CBGB featuring Blondie and the ravishingly unrestrained energy surrounding the care free spirit of the genre. Out with a new album mixed by rock veterans from bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, this quartet won’t let you down.

Street Trash and Narcissist


5. Midnight Rush 
This Brooklyn based one-man act is a fun, sparkling, nostalgic pop creation which brings in drum machines, electric synthesizers and infectious beats to present what has become songs like “The Night Was Young Enough” and “Crush” all which paint the city and it’s upbeat, fast paced spirit quite uniquely.

The Night Was Young Enough

Coog Radio

Riding the Airwaves

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