FunFunFun Fest Artist: Girl Talk

Written by on October 22, 2014

If you are planning on heading to FunFunFun Fest in Austin you should not miss out on the musician Gregg Gillis, otherwise known by his stage name, Girl Talk.


Girl Talk is an American artist that utilizes a variety of pop, rock, indie, and hip-hop songs to create epic mash ups that give you a sense of nostalgia when you listen to it.

This digital sampling rock star started up in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by experimenting with electronic music and sampling all while studying biomedical engineering. It’s easy to see that this multitasking between school and music turned out well since he created masterpieces out of hit songs like “Drop it Like it’s Hot” by Snoop Dogg and “Loser” by Beck, which are both very different genres.

Along with a long list of albums, EPs, and remixes, Girl Talk has been awarded with high ratings by both Rolling Stone and Time magazine. His album “Feed the Animals” was ranked number four on Time’s top 10 albums of 2008 with songs like “Set It Off” and “Play Your Part (Pt. 2)” which are a couple of my favorites. However, his newest album “All Day” definitely has some cool mixes between old-school hip-hop and pop music. I would recommend listening to “Let It Out” and “Every Day” to get a taste of Girl Talk’s style.



There is one thing for sure, Girl Talk will have a performance you will not want to miss and will keep the crowd jumping. Don’t miss out on his venue on the Blue Stage on November 8th in Austin!

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Warning: These videos contain mature language and graphic content.

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