FunFunFun Fest Artist: Cashmere Cat

Cashmere Cat is Magnus August Høiberg, a DJ-producer from Norway who blends EDM with blues downtempo.

Cashmere Cat
Cashmere Cat

Recently, this artist has blown up in popularity. His debut EP Mirror Maru was well-received by the electronic music community, and for good reason.


“Mirror Maru” sounds like a Nujabes-like sound covered with a thin membrane of trap. This track made its way into the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack.  Cashmere cat drips syrupy basslines and stirs in hallmark pitch-shifting “yeahs” and “oh yeahs” for a delicious confection of a song, “Kiss Kiss”. “Paws” ends with a piano solo. “Secrets + Lies” adds a spicy element of world influences to the EP, with steel drums, bongos and a flute-inspired synth instrument.

Come out to Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014 on Sunday, November 9 in Austin, TX, and you will see Cashmere Cat perform live.


By Nicholas Randall

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