Vance Joy + Jaymes Young Enchant Houston at Fitzgerald’s

Written by on October 23, 2014


Last weekend, Melbourne indie folk singer Vance Joy graced Houston in a much-anticipated show at Houston’s classic music venue, Fitzgerald’s.

A line that reached around the side of the house, a fair evening and a motley group of enthusiastic fans made for the hours leading up to the show.

The atmosphere at Fitzgerald’s was, as usual, very relaxed; the familiar neighborhood concert hotspot didn’t fail to create its usual intimate yet exciting ambience that makes for a very tasteful Sunday evening.
As soon as the doors opened, the upstairs stage filled up as fans claimed viewing spots, then proceeded to casually standing around, sipping on drinks and animatedly chatting over the in-between-set music. Seattle based singer, Jaymes Young took stage quite promptly and warmed up the eager crowd with a very cool indie folk rock combo that showed the Bayou city listeners what the up and coming sensation was all about. Composed of an eclectic mix of sounds and fascinating instrumental usage, Jaymes Young is definitely one to watch out for, as there is no doubt he will pretty soon be an pretty influential name in the modern indie rock genre. The band exited to a thundering applause from the audience, and hype for the Australian ace became yet even more heightened.

Not too long afterwards, Vance and his band sauntered on stage, sporting a casual plaid button up and handsomely donning his signature curls. The show hit off with a few, laid back tracks that had fans singing along to his familiar heart tugging harmonies. Although Vance Joy exhibited endearing shyness, and a semi lackluster performance there was not a single lack of passion and confidence in the music he presented his fans. The concert gracefully ended with the familiar hit, Riptide, which more or less had the walls booming in a chorus.

Vance Joy was successful to say the least, and positively captivated the Houston crowd in a very thoughtful romantic way through his emotional vocals and skilled strumming. With his music, he managed to transport his fans into a folk syncope set against a pleasant Australian backdrop we could only dream of being in during our famously humid Fall Houston nights.

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