A Complete Guide to Frontier Fiesta Voting

Written by on November 17, 2014

With the fall semester nearing its end, many students are already thinking about the spring semester and the upcoming events. One huge event that takes places on campus is Frontier Fiesta. For those who don’t know, Frontier Fiesta is an annual student-run three-day carnival event founded in 1939. This year, Frontier Fiesta will take place on March 26 until March 28. Aside from carnival games and different competitions, there will be live performances from artists in varying genres. Because the University of Houston is the best, students are allowed to vote for different celebrities to come to our campus. Yes our campus. There is a voting poll up that will allow students to choose who they want to come to campus and perform.

In case you wanted to vote, but was unsure who to vote for, this guide is here to tell you a bit about each artist and a hit or two of theirs.


  1. Cher Lloyd (bottom left) is a 21-year-old sensation from UK that began her claim to fame after placing 4th in the X-Factor UK. Although she did not win the competition, due to her unique vocals and style, she was still signed to a record label. You might be familiar with this song.
  2. AWOLNATION (top right) took the world by storm in 2011 with their hit single Sail from their album “Megalithic Symphony”. Click for a laugh.
  3. Dirty heads (top left) is a band from California that is a fusion of hip-hop, rock, and punk. Their unique sound and songs are worth a listen.
  4. Cage the Elephant (middle right)- Since 2006, this band has been on the music scene with their alternative rock songs. Here’s their song “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked”.
  5. Grouplove (bottom right)- Formed in 2009, this band has found great success,especially from one of their songs called “Tongue tied“. Even if it doesn’t ring a bell, as soon as you hear it, it’ll sound familiar. It was a number one song in 2011 and has been featured in shows and commercials since.



  1. Chance the Rapper (top left)- Chance, “acid rapper, soccer, hacky sacker” is an artist who has made his way up the charts with the aid of his mixtape “Acid Rap” released in 2013. His unique sound and lyrical raps are astounding and separate him from other rap artists today. Fun Fact: He even tweeted about Frontier Fiesta himself!
  2. Jeremih (bottom right) has been in and out of the top charts since 2009 with his hit single “Birthday Sex“. Since then, he has been releasing music and even made a huge comeback with his catchy single “Don’t Tell Em” that Lorde recently covered.
  3. Aloe Blacc (bottom middle)- Known for his soulful voice and catchy songs, Aloe Blacc has graced the charts with several number 1 hits including-, “I Need A Dollar” a.k.a. the college kid anthem  and “The Man“.
  4. Sage The Gemini (bottom left)- As an American rapper, Sage the Gemini has definitely made his mark. Two of his songs, “Gas Pedal” and “Red Nose” , are popular dancing songs.
  5. Schoolboy Q (top right)- is a well-known rapper making his way up the charts due to his fast paced rapping, hard-hitting songs, and bucket hats. This year he released his album Oxymoron. A single from that album is “Collard Greens” ft. Kendrick Lamar.


  1. Karmin (Bottom Right)- This singing piano duo started their success when they uploaded a cover of “Look At Me Now” on youtube. Shortly after, their single “Broken Hearted” topped the charts, appearing on many radio stations and accumulating over 20 million views on youtube.
  2. Rebelution (middle)- As a rock-reggae fusion band, “Rebelution” has produced many great songs since 2004. Here’s a preview of their sound here.
  3. Big Gigantic (bottom left)- If you’re into EDM, then “Big Gigantic” is the duo for you. This group makes their own music and remixes popular songs.
  4. Alex Clare (top left)- Alex Clare earned a special place in our hearts in 2011 with his popular single “Too Close”. This singer is a mix of soul, dubstep, and r&b- offering a little something for everyone. Another great song here.
  5. Adventure Club (top right)- This Canadian duo has made many great songs in the EDM genre. Here is a good song.


  1. Dan + Shay (bottom right)- This Country duo composed of Dan Myers and Shay Mooney is fairly new. Their first debut single was released in only 2013, but they have already made a name for themselves.
  2. Thomas Rhett (top left)- This 24-year-old singer and songwriter has been active since 2010. Since then, 5 songs of his have topped the charts. He also has written for popular bands such as “Florida Georgia Line”. Here’s his song “Get Me Some Of That”.
  3. Dustin Lynch (middle)- Active since 2011, this country singer has already had a few songs on the top charts. Listen to his debut single here.
  4. Randy Houser (top right)- This Mississippi native has been an active country singer since 2004. His track “How Country Feels” was a number one record in 2013.
  5. Easton Corbin (bottom left)- Since being signed to “Nashville Records”, Easton has had 3 huge hits. Here are two songs of his: “A Little More Country Than That” and “I Can’t Love You Back”.

So there you have it, a guide to Frontier Fiesta voting! Hope this was helpful. Now all that’s left is to head to the actual poll and vote! Every vote counts.



By Daisha Lewis

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