FunFunFun Fest Artist: MSTRKFT

Written by on November 3, 2014

Electronic music lovers I’ve got some news for you, MSTRKRFT will be performing at FunFunFun Fest!

I know the first thing you’re thinking, how in the world do you pronounce this spectacular electronic duo’s name and why should I bother attending their performance?

MSTRKRFT (pronounced “master-craft”) is an electronic, pop-punk duo from Canada that integrates catchy choruses with addictive beats that you’ll catch your feet rhythmically tapping along to.


MSTRKRFT has built quite the fan base since their creation back in 2005. Their origins begin with Jesse F. Keeler who was in a rock band called “Death from Above 1979” and Alex Puodziukas who was a part of a small electropop group called “Girlsareshort.” Upon blending their contrasting skillsets they created MSTRKRFT and have been making magic ever since.

Their first album “The Looks” was released in 2006 and included a handful of hit singles like “Easy Love,” “Work on You,” and “Street Justice.” These tracks embodied electro house sounds with repetitive lyrics that add on to the unique sound.

“Fist of God” is their second and most recent album that showcases the copious amount of progress that they have made since their last official release. The second single, “Heartbreaker,” received the most airplay and launched into the top 100 songs of Australia, UK, and Belgium. Featuring artist John Legend, who could blame this song for gaining so much popularity?

MSTRKRFT may not be a headliner for FunFunFun Fest, but they will definitely put on a great show for those who just want to jam out in the crowd and have a good time.

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