G-Eazy Performs a Sold Out Show at Warehouse Live!

Written by on November 3, 2014

G-Eazy toured around Texas the past few days. His performance at Warehouse Live made up with intensity what it lacked in duration. Sometimes, the best performances are short and sweet.

G-Eazy 2

Concert-goers had already packed into the spacious, yet limited venue that was Warehouse Live by the time G-Eazy began his show. DJ J Que (replacing E-40 on this stop of the tour), J Ant and IamSu!, the opening acts, amped up the swelling crowd with party favorites such as Young Dro’s “F.D.P.”. Irreverent lyrics, hard-hitting beats and plenty of alcohol set the mood for G-Eazy’s spectacular entrance onstage at 9:45.

Machismo personified, G-Eazy exploded on stage to the cadence set by his live backup drummer Blake “Blizzy” Robinson and the musical overtures of IamSu! DJ’ing live. A well-dressed man in black ripped jeans, shades, jacket, gold chains and a slicked-back pompadour haircut, G-Eazy commanded the attention and the howls of the audience for a non-stop hour.

Among the songs played were hits from G-Eazy’s newest studio album These Things Happen including “Downtown Love”, “Been On”, and “Lotta That”, along with older tracks “Monica Lewinsky” and “Must Be Nice”.

G-Eazy would stop and give a short vocal interlude setting up each song he performed, often giving strong praise (whether staged or heartfelt) to Houston as a whole for being awesome in general. At some points, just a simple question would elicit a new peak in the crowd’s energy level: “How many of you guys out there are over 21?”

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Warehouse Live deserves some of the credit for the amazing night. The space can fit 1500 standing room only audience members and still provide visibility plus two easily accessible bars, one of which is elevated. Nobody looked cramped, although hundreds chose to stay as close to the stage as possible to feel the energy flowing from G-Eazy.

Memorably, G-eazy compared his fame now to his roots performing in Houston just a couple of years back. He talked about his first performance at Fitzgerald’s in their downstairs room that 30 fans showed up to years ago, coyly remarking that “we still turnt that b**** up” even with a small audience. But now? “Now we here, b****”, said G-Eazy, and began to perform “Far Alone”.

G-Eazy 4

G-eazy’s songs discuss these days discuss three major topics: fame, parties and girls. Most people don’t live to experience these things everyday. But at a sold-out show where most attendees were inebriated and having fun with a significant other, the lyrical content of the songs played could not have been more appropriate. Deafened by the show and mindblown by the experience, many concertgoers’ positive feedback could be heard after the encore, “I Mean It”, ended. Perhaps, just for one night, “My Life Is A Party” could not have been a more accurate description of what actually went down at Warehouse Live the day before Halloween 2014.

Just look at the size of that crowd

Just look at the size of that crowd


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