Tiffany’s FunFunFun Fest Journey: Day One

Written by on November 8, 2014


After a three-hour cruise from Houston through the countryside of Texas, I arrived in Austin to find the city a midst wonderful festival weather, and most importantly to find Riverside completely overtaken over by cars, people, stages, and a plethora of good music. We arrived in the evening to lines of excited and energized workers, fans, and even kids entering the colorful pop up entrance, which lit up the words Fun Fun Fun. Inside it was a wonderful maze of stages, booths, interesting people and even a skating ramp! It was crowded but not overbearingly, and the atmosphere was incredible which was a result mainly of the fantastic weather.


Being as hungry as we were, we ended up eating at one of the festival’s many food tents and trucks, and after receiving our cheese fries, burgers and sausages we took a seat on a nice patch of grass and watched the fascinating Austin skyline nicely twinkle in front of us. After a while of lounging however, we decided to check out the sounds of indie rap act, Atmosphere, which resonated across to where we were and pulled us in like kids to candy. The Minneapolis based duo had an incredible sound, and showcased unique music that will likely fare them well in the future as they continue to make themselves known to audiences in festivals and venues everywhere. Their set closed shortly, however, and by seven thirty or so the orange stage was garnering a huge crowd as they awaited the English boys from Alt J.

Their performance went stellar to say the least, and by nine or so, some people began inching their way towards the blue stage where Two Chainz was set to perform. These two talented headliners rallied up sizeable crowds and offered fantastic, energizing acts that had people hopping back and forth in indecision hoping to catch every second of their quality music and bouncing atmospheres.
After the headliners of the night finished, people headed out to the late shows in packs “Two Chainz was awesome” I heard a fan shout out as he left the blue stage audience, “instead of two, he had three chains”!

Day one of the festival, although started a little later than planned, was indeed everything it promised.

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