Usher Heats Up Houston With The #URXTOUR

Written by on December 8, 2014

Usher performing at Houston's Toyota Center on Friday December 5.

Usher performing at Houston’s Toyota Center on Friday December 5. Photo by De’Andra Hurd.

Downtown Houston on a Friday night has been a little cold lately but this past Friday Usher heated things up by giving his Houston fans the perfect Usher experience on The UR Experience Tour at the Toyota center. The RnB icon had the audience on cloud nine by performing his current hits and of course the throwback jams that will forever stick with us. From the amazing choreography, to the vocals, the overall performance was breathtaking.

August Alsina delivering a great performance. Photo by De'Anrda Hurd

August Alsina delivering a great performance.
Photo by De’Anrda Hurd

Photo by De'Andra Hurd.

Photo by De’Andra Hurd.

Before Usher delivered the “Usher Experience,” DJ Cassidy and the No Love singer, August Alsina, warmed up the crowd with awesome sets. DJ Cassidy had the people ready to party with his turn up mix and August showed his fans that he’s not just a singer but a performer as well. The audience sung along as he performed multiple songs off his Testimony album. Singles like “Numb” and “Ghetto” had people waving their hands from left to right. Before performing “Kissing on My Tattoos”, he stated that it was his favorite song off the album, obviously because he’s tatted. He also sung his chart topper single “I Luv This”, which had the building on a musical rampage.

Photo by De'Andra Hurd.

Photo by De’Andra Hurd.

DJ Cassidy feeling his mix.

DJ Cassidy feeling his mix. Photo by De’Andra Hurd.

After August warmed up the Toyota Center, Usher came out to burn it to pieces kicking it off with 90s hit “My Way”. Not keeping still for one second, he danced across the stage continuously with innovative choreography with his energetic back up dancers behind him. Every Usher song you can think of he delivered; songs like “OMG,” “Caught Up,” and “Good Kisser” had everyone out of their seats and moving to the beat. Making sure his fans were truly “day one fans,” he took it all the way back with R&B classics “You Make Me Wanna” and “Nice & Slow” to see if they still remembered the lyrics. We all know that Usher has been in the music industry for some time now, so there’s no doubt he wanted to make sure everyone knew that he was not new to performing and that he had original music. He told the Usher crazed crowd, “I’ve been doing this sh*t for 20 years.”

To end the show, he performed “Without You,” which allowed him to show his gratitude for his supporters. Everyone sung each lyric till the very end and just before leaving the stage Usher gave the lady fans an “OMG” moment by taking off his shirt.

Photo by De'Andra Hurd.

Photo by De’Andra Hurd.

Photo by De'Andra Hurd

Photo by De’Andra Hurd.

The UR Experience was an enjoyable experience not only for the older crowd but the young crowd as well. Usher gave everyone in the audience something that wasn’t tangible, yet memorable. It was a show you had to see in person to fully enjoy. From the live music banging from wall to wall to his vocals streaming through our ears, he gave everyone something to cherish. The venue looked as if it didn’t have one bad seat in the arena; allowing those who were up high to view the show on big screens. Judging by the crowd’s reactions everyone was satisfied including myself.


By DeAndra Hurd

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