3 thoughts on “Review: 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J. Cole

  1. J cole: best thing that has happened to music,
    Real music.
    Cole please don’t stop
    Givem Everything, neveR,
    Never change….. Always require more out of the greatness of what your are.
    And pleases stop forcing yourself to be compared to the industry…….
    Your the truth, when you realize they kill the truth
    In this world the truth Will always be extinguished
    But the God of Jesus Christ
    Will judge you by what you don’t don’t considering you have been blessed with the curse of being the burden you were destined to carry “THE TRUTH”
    Knowing their gonna kill you for it……..
    in proud to have you in my era
    Thank You For the REFURBISHED HOPE
    Oh yeah
    Only request : video for Fire Squad

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