KYLE’s “Just A Picture” ft. Kehlani Music Video

Written by on February 6, 2015


This past Wednesday KYLE collaborated with Kehlani to produce a music video for their latest single “Just A Picture,” a pop song talking about an issue of how people get so absorbed into their social medias instead spending time with their loved ones. This song and video is the first collaboration KYLE and Kehlani have ever done and it’s a doozy. The song is not only catchy but relays an important message within the lyrics that is relevant to today’s generation.

Retweets that don’t mean shit, they say they heart you but not like this
Yeah, you got favorites you ain’t they favorite
Oh my bad, did you forget?
All those people on your Facebook, they are not your only friends

I wanna dive into your heart baby, not slide in your dms

Want to watch the newly released music video? Watch it below!

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