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Written by on March 26, 2015


Photo credit: Anna Lee

Who doesn’t love fun music right? Music in itself is fun no matter what artist, band or genre you are listening to but sometimes you just stumble upon that one band who’s music just makes you happy and you can’t explain why. That was my experience with the wonderful band; Smallpools.

Smallpools is a four-piece based out of Los Angeles California consisting of Sean Scanlon (Vocals/Keys), Michael Kamerman (Guitar), Joseph Intile (Bass) and Beau Kuther (Drums). Vocalist, Sean Scanlon and Michael Kamerman made the move to LA in 2013 where they meet the guys that would later become their rhythm section, Beau and Joe and that’s where Smallpools began.

In May 2013, Smallpools released their first single; Dreaming and shortly after that the band released their debut self-titled EP on July 16th 2013 on RCA Records. Their 4 track EP consisted of the previously released single, Dreaming along with Over & Over, No Story Time and Mason Jar.

The band headed out on tour and constantly made the joke of playing half of their discography after only playing two songs. I had the pleasure of seeing them for the first time at Edgefest 2014 in Dallas after a good friend of mine introduced me to them. In July 2014, the band released their 5th track entitled Killer Whales, and with it came another joke that the band likes to make about how after googling themselves (it’s something everyone does right??) they found articles about people saying how messed up it was to keep killer whales in small pools so they named this song after that.

The band gained a very loyal fan base besides the fact that they only had 5 songs under their belt. In November 2014, they headed out on their first headlining tour with the band Magic Man. A lot of people were curious as to how their set was going to keep fans’ attention considering such a small discography but they made the most of it by playing new songs from their album Lovetap! which was set to released in a couple months and even throwing in a cover of “Real Hero” from the Drive soundtrack. I was lucky enough to get to see them 3 times on their headliner and got to experience their set from different perspectives including watching from the front row and I was completely amazed by their incredible performance each night. Smallpools has the ability to get everyone up to dance and sing along (even if it is to songs they’ve never heard, I know sounds crazy right??). Remember when I said fun music? Smallpools is totally fun music, they get you in a good mood, and in the end that’s the best thing to be able to achieve from listening to music.


Photo credit: Anna Lee

On March 24th 2015, Smallpools released their full-length album entitled LOVETAP! a week after their TV debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers and a crazy run of shows at their first SXSW appearance in Austin.

Smallpools will be in our neck of the woods on April 14th on their second headliner in support of LOVETAP!
You can catch them at Fitzgeralds with Grizfolk!
Tickets on sale here!

Buy LOVETAP! on iTunes. 

Recommended tracks: “American Love,” “Dyin’ To Live,” “Mason Jar & Dreaming.”

@Smallpools on Twitter.
@SeanEats @MichaelKamerman @JosephIntile @BeauKnowsDrums


photo credit: Anna Lee

(Big thanks to Anna Lee (@AnnaLeeMedia) for allowing me to use her photos!)


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