Imagine a longboard cruising down a cement boardwalk. To your left is an expanse of sand. Off the pace is the ocean, refracting the rays of the sun. It’s beginning to set. You’ve got your sunglasses on, but you can still see that the sky is a mix of rich oranges, yellows and pinks. The […]

Myles Kennedy has traversed far from his days of covering Boyz II Men songs (a fun fact he shared in an Artist Q&A in January 2017). The three-time Loudwire’s Vocalist of the Year award winner kicks off his first solo tour on March 6th. Tickets go on sale February 9th for the United States leg […]

Who doesn’t love fun music right? Music in itself is fun no matter what artist, band or genre you are listening to but sometimes you just stumble upon that one band who’s music just makes you happy and you can’t explain why. That was my experience with the wonderful band; Smallpools. Smallpools is a four-piece […]

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