Fave Cover Friday: Instrumentals

Written by on March 6, 2015

Ah, the season of tests and midterms is upon us. While I FINALLY finished taking tests for just about every single class I have last week, I know that many students still have upcoming tests to ace, and if you’re a fortunate student that doesn’t have any upcoming tests, I’m sure this post can prove useful to you in the future.

This Fave Cover Friday will be a little different from usual. On the subject of tests, I wanted to give you guys relaxing covers that are nice to play in the background, but not distract you will studying… At least these kind of covers work for me. I love instrumentals while studying. I am a huge fan of violin and cello covers of popular songs, partly cause I played cello for 7 years, but mostly because it’s a really different spin on a song and it takes a lot of skill. Many of the youtubers that cover popular songs on their instruments often have to write and transcribe their own notes for it. Not only do they transcribe it, but they also fit the entire melody/ background/ vocals/ etc. into one instrument.

Here are few of my favorite instrumental covers!

One of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs and one of my favorite covers. Bryson Andres uses loops to create different parts of the song, such as the percussion and the background. It creates a super cool effect and it takes a lot of skill. The full cover begins at 1:49, if you’d like to go straight to it.

This one’s a favorite of mine because it’s super visual. If you’re studying, you shouldn’t be paying attention to the video, but whatever I won’t tell. Not only is the tone and vibrato of Jun Sung Ahn’s playing beautiful, but the dancer by the side of him adds a charming touch to the cover.

This one’s a little different than others I previously discussed. Seth G. uses an instrumental of the song to make his own instrumental cover (inception).

Okay. Hair goals. Playing goals. Life goals. These ladies are so energetic that their happiness radiates through the video.I might even like this more than the original. I also loved their cover of “Stay High“.


I hope you liked my covers this week. I tried to do something new. Check back next week for another FCF!


By Daisha Lewis

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