Andy Grammer Turns Up at House of Blues…On a Tuesday

Written by on March 6, 2015


All Photos by Sarah Hoffman

Whether it was Rachel Platten‘s sweet, bluesy cover of “Thinking Out Loud,” Paradise Fears breaking out with spoken word in the middle of their set, or Alex and Sierra‘s endearing on-stage dialogue and anecdotes (including an adorable Simon Cowell impression), The Good Guys and a Girl tour showed the House of Blues a great time last Tuesday. But there’s no denying that it was Andy Grammer and his band that blew the crowd away with one of the most entertaining and enigmatic performances I’ve seen.


It takes a lot for an artist to get a rise out of audiences. Anyone can say, “I want you all to sing with me,” but actually getting that response is an art form. Grammer was a pro. Everyone was singing along with him way before he even asked. After a great kick-off with “Kiss You Slow,” he got the crowd to start him off by Woah Oh-ing the chorus of his debut single, “Keep Your Head Up.”


Not only did the band get everyone singing and clapping, but after performing “Miss Me” and singing Happy Birthday to a lucky girl in the audience, Grammer had everyone two-stepping to the beat of “Blame it on the Stars.”

It wasn’t just the crowd dancing, though. After performing “Holding Out,” and a short cover of “Trumpets,” the band danced a choreographed two-step to their on-the-spot-recorded mash-up of the trumpet, beat boxing, percussion, and what can only be described as screeching. Every member of the band was engaged and alive for the entire night and the audience was feeding off that excitement.

After another choreographed performance of the band acting out lyrics while Andy played “Forever,” the night went on with other favorites like “The Pocket,” “Masterpiece” and “Remind You,” and even a cover of “Sunday Morning” that bystanders claimed sounded better than the original. During the song, members of the band wowed the crowd with solo performances as Andy introduced each of them.

DSC_4413-Edit                                              DSC_4593-Edit (2)

Grammer went into the final stage of the night with his single, “Honey, I’m Good,” which he called his “relationship guide.” This was clearly a crowd favorite that everyone knew the words to. He followed it up with “Fine by Me,” and finished the set with “Back Home,” during which he jumped off stage and sang his heart out with fans. After thank yous, good nights and pick-flinging, the band exited the stage.

The night didn’t end though, as the hyped-up crowd screamed for an encore. Andy and the band were only too happy to accommodate as they ran back out to perform “Co-Pilot,” giving the House of Blues a perfect night.

DSC_4433-Edit DSC_4482-Edit

There wasn’t a single moment all night that I wasn’t having a blast. Every person on the stage played and sang like that was the only place they wanted to be, and the crowd ate up  all that energy. There were technical difficulties, selfie sticks, and private light shows courtesy of a keyboardist’s shoes. All in all, it was an amazing Tuesday night!

Paradise Fears

Paradise Fears

Alex & Sierra

Alex & Sierra

Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten


Were you there for the best Tuesday night House of Blues has seen in a while? Comment and tell us what your favorite part of the show was!


All Photos by Sarah Hoffman


By: Charlene Irani

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