SXSW: The Tontons @ Palm Door on Sabine

Written by on March 22, 2015

At some point in the night I was the most metal I have been all trip. I was standing in the rain devouring a brisket sandwich listening to the metal group Prehistoric Technology. After that, I decided to mellow out and head to Palm Door on Sabine to wait for The Tontons and dry off.

I got there and Austin band, Whiskey Shivers, was taking the stage. This group was just the embodiment of Austin, Texas.  They were cool, funny, and talented as all get out. I usually am not a fan of hoedown types of music but I couldn’t help it with Whiskey Shivers.

“Whether it’s a foot stomping hootenanny you’re after, or a nice two-step or even music to lose consciousness to, we’ve got it covered!”- Whiskey Shivers description on Facebook






Houston indie rock group, The Tontons, took the stage next. I have been looking forward to seeing them all week and they did not disappoint. Lead singer, Asli Omar was a commanding presence in a beautiful flowy floor length dress and fur overcoat. Her hair, as usual, was flawless despite the nasty weather. I on the other hand was a vision in comfy pants and resembling more a wet dog than a human.

The group starts and Asli comments on how tired they all are. They have played eight shows thus far at SXSW and were not finished yet.  She says something along the lines of how she could sleep anywhere that was flat. She contemplated a bus stop or the stage floor she was standing on.

They boys in the group looked just as cool as their leading lady. Shades were on, leather jackets, and the bass player had two sweet sweet Milers stacked up as they were sound checking. It is always wise to be prepared.

Asli voice was so sweet and her stage presence was mystical. She would interact with her bandmates on stage and her smile said they were a family and had been through much together. She would get wrapped up in the chord of the microphone and spent a bit of time on the floor, perhaps seriously thinking about that nap.

The Tontons are one of the bands you have to see live at some point. Hey, they are from Houston, there is no excuse not to!









By Corina Carrizales

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