Austin Pysch Fest Headliners: The Flaming Lips

Written by on April 1, 2015

The Flaming Lips are headlining Austin Psych Fest/Levitation Fest! Why does this matter? Because the Flaming Lips and their enigmatic leader Wayne Coyne are a spectacle to behold; I mean that in the best way possible. I had the pleasure of witnessing a Flaming Lips live show at Free Press Summer Fest here in Houston a few years ago, and boy was it a show. I had the privilege of seeing them perform Pink Floyd’s classic “Dark Side of the Moon.” More recently, the Flaming Lips have released their version of the Beatles classic “Sgt.Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club Band featuring none other than Miley Cyrus. Hopefully, some of you have already seen the bizarre video from the Lips performing Lucy in the Sky with Miley and Nineties electronic legend Moby.

Warning: This video is NSFW.

See? This ain’t your parents Beatles. The Flaming Lips are a band that have prided themselves on the bizarre, with Wayne Coyne, lead singer, being one of the innovators of the “Headphone Concert” (Silent raves, anyone?) as well as odd recording techniques such as with the album “Zaireeka” which was pressed onto four seperate vinyls, meant to be played simultaneously, which is no easy feat, trust me I’ve tried. There’s a really cool slideshow that talks about some of the weird things The Flaming Lips have done, which can be found here.

Their latest release is “Imagene Peise – Atlas Eets Christmas” an outer space Christmas album, before that is “With a Little Help From My Fwends” the Beatles cover album. Their own original works have received critical acclaim such ” Yoshimi Battle Pink Robots”, my personal favorite, as well as countless others (these guys have basically lived in a studio for the past thirty five years). In 2002, The Flaming Lips were named one of the “50 Bands to See Before You Die” so if you aren’t a fan of the Flaming Lips now, once you see them at Austin Pysch/Levitation Fest you will be.

The Flaming Lips will be performing at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, Texas, Sunday May 10th. Get your tickets fast and listen to Coog Radio for the chance to win some passes! If you don’t want to leave the chance of seeing the Flaming Lips perform to luck, then you can purchase your tickets at this link, three day passes as well as single day passes are available, as well as camping accommodations.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what your favorite Flaming Lips moment/song/album/stunt is. Oh, and enjoy the show! Did I mention Wayne Coyne is the dude from those crazy Virgin Mobile commercials?

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