Chicago’s very own, Twin Peaks, are coming to Austin for the annual Levitation Festival (formerly the Austin Psych Festival) on April 29th- May 1st at the Carson Creek Ranch just outside of Austin. If you’ve never heard of Twin Peaks, you’re missing out, big time, here’s why.

The second day of the festival held a different tone than the day before. Although it still managed to keep the amazing energy the day before had so perfectly captured and had the crowd exulting. The festival bled out pure psychedelic vibes and had the whole atmosphere transcending into a new level of artistry — […]

A Place to Bury Strangers is a New York City-based noise rock band consisting of guitarist and frontman Oliver Ackermann, bassist Dion Lunadon, and drummer Robi Gonzalez. The band employs a wall-of-sound approach to their brand of  atmospheric shoegaze, psychedelic, and space rock. After a performance at Webster Hall with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, the […]

As you have seen on our social media, we are giving away 3-day passes to Levitation presented by Austin Psych Fest. The 8th annual festival will be held May 8-10 at Carson Creek Ranch in Austin, TX. If you want to go to the fest, we have your way in.. for FREE! For a chance […]

The Flaming Lips are headlining Austin Psych Fest/Levitation Fest! Why does this matter? Because the Flaming Lips and their enigmatic leader Wayne Coyne are a spectacle to behold; I mean that in the best way possible. I had the pleasure of witnessing a Flaming Lips live show at Free Press Summer Fest here in Houston a […]

This year’s most psychedelic music festival in Texas will feature the Flaming Lips, 13th Floor Elevators (for a reunion performance!), and over 30 additional artists. Located on rustic Carson Creek Ranch, Austin Psych Fest was established in 2008 and has hosted superior, popular artists on the music scene in years prior. Examples include the Black […]

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