Austin Psych Fest | Levitation Fest: Day 2 Recap

Written by on May 11, 2015


The second day of the festival held a different tone than the day before. Although it still managed to keep the amazing energy the day before had so perfectly captured and had the crowd exulting. The festival bled out pure psychedelic vibes and had the whole atmosphere transcending into a new level of artistry — a new musical dimension. I had the pleasure of checking out Chui Wan, Three Oh Sees, Primal Scream and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Chui Wan


The first band was a four-piece experimental group from Beijing, China. Their timid, quiet stage presence worked to their advantage by entrancing the audience throughout their set. Their international experimental sound of reverbed guitars and vocals seasoned with the chilling echoes of a violin truly filled the crowd’s eardrums with sweet shoegaze influences and a perfect unity of musical elements. The crowd passing by the stage, the smallest group of the fest, stopped to listen to their set. For a relatively early set, they brought in a good crowd that seemed to enjoy every second.

Thee Oh Sees


One of the most anticipated acts of the second day was welcomed to the festival by an amazing crowd.  Through this hour, the crowd began showing their love for the band by screaming along to the songs, silly string was sprayed, streamer rolls adorned the set, and water was splashed, drenching the front rows. Thee Oh Sees truly created a party with their intense set that was filled with passion as they played every song the crowd apparently wanted to hear. As they made it clear they were happy to be in Austin for the nth time in a year, they blasted through our hearts with their two drummers and making this one of the most memorable sets of the night.

Primal Scream


Primal Scream brought a different side than what I had seen throughout the day or even the prior day. An older crowd formed at this set that was filled with adults reminiscing their glory days. A guy on acid was having a bad trip behind me just as to the left of me as another guy filled his nostril with what didn’t seem to be sugar. The band brought a glam rock psychedelic presence that stayed true to the festival’s vibe. The crowd enjoyed every second of it whether sober or not and their energy became infectious. The band filled everyone’s hearts with nostalgia as they played songs from their discography spanning now three decades.

The Jesus and Mary Chain
There’s not much to say about The Jesus and Mary Chain that hasn’t already been said. Their set from this historic band sounded nothing short but amazing and they delivered what the crowd wanted of this Saturday headliner. Primal Scream had warmed up the crowd perfectly for what was about to come. After Primal Scream, I went to eat and drink, and when I came back, I was so far back from the stage that I couldn’t even see the stage. I couldn’t get a glimmer of The Chain. However, I did get an auditory experience that blessed my midnight and left me cleansed of sin for Day 3.

Day 3 brings the 50th year reunion of 13th Floor Elevators, the artistic The Flaming Lips, the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Chelsea Wolfe, Mac Demarco’s melodic tunes, and many other acts. Stay tuned for Day 3 of Austin Psych Fest | Levitation Fest.

What was your favorite part of Day 2? What band are you most looking forward to seeing on Day 3?


By Diego Bermejo

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