Finish off your semester with Manchester Orchestra!

Written by on April 30, 2015

Those bands that you see the name of and think, nah, I probably wouldn’t like them. That’s how many may treat Manchester Orchestra, but don’t do yourself the same injustice. This group from the Deep South, Atlanta, are a hit in the indie and alternative rock scenes. They’ve been around for over ten years and have released five full length studio albums (that you can check out on Spotify btw, hint hint).

The group grew up in a conservative part of the country and attended a Christian high school. These dissatisfied themes can be found throughout their music. An example of this is lyrics from “See It Again,” specifically the “Hope” version. The song sings “Are you actually the Son of God? / Our overdue relief?” and “Are we ever going to see Him again?” The lyrics are easily relatable and analyzable, but also just fun to sing if you’re not in an analytic mood.

If you’re looking to try them out, maybe try “Shake It Out” and “I Can Feel A Hot One” as a starting point. Manchester Orchestra would be excellent to catch live as well, so hopefully they’ll grace Houston with their presence again in the near future! They were here about a year ago at the House of Blues, but if you missed it, go ahead and tweet them. Tell them Coogs love to support great music, because it’s true!

You can follow them on TwitterInstagram, like their Facebook page, support them on iTunes, and don’t forget about Spotify!


By Bethany Polson

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