Torres Releases “Cowboy Guilt”

Written by on April 29, 2015

In light of a new album, Torres has shared “Cowboy Guilt.” Torres is the moniker of Mackenzie Scott—a singer-songwriter who has toured extensively.

“Cowboy Guilt” is an exemplarily produced rock-pop track. Everything sounds crisp and mixed to a clinical degree. Torres stretches the sounds out to provide a sonically intriguing track. Pulsing bass and percussive clicks support slithering riffs and an ambient stumble at the two minute mark peppers in a surprise factor.

The lyrics take a lighthearted tone, found in lines such as: “We spent our only season/on our mattress sleeping/with our best friend.” The vibrant instrumentation and lyrics create an interesting dynamic, even if Scott’s controlled vocal delivery can be mundane.

The track moves nimbly—in a clear-cut pop fashion that beckons St. Vincent and HAIM comparisons. But Torres’ use of sinisterly sunny tones and deft songwriting still makes her an act worth watching out for.

The Brooklyn-based group releases their new album, Sprinter, on May 5 through their label Partisan Records.


By Mitchell McCluskey

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