Clover the Girl is a Dallas native that graces our ears with a perfect combination of grit and pop, giving us these ballads of emotion and truth with sick, head-bouncing beats. She draws inspiration from the likes of Twenty One Pilots and Halsey. Both of whom, I would argue, would readily give an approving nod […]

In light of a new album, Torres has shared “Cowboy Guilt.” Torres is the moniker of Mackenzie Scott—a singer-songwriter who has toured extensively. “Cowboy Guilt” is an exemplarily produced rock-pop track. Everything sounds crisp and mixed to a clinical degree. Torres stretches the sounds out to provide a sonically intriguing track. Pulsing bass and percussive […]

Opening in a frenzy of strumming guitars and prominent snares, Mumford and Sons recently released a track title, “The Wolf”, which was released on April 9. With a surprisingly new sound, “electric” and upbeat compared to older material, this track revealed the band’s so far successful attempt at exploring different much more dynamic musical styles. […]

Watergate Sandals is a garage rock band hailing from Santa Cruz, California. The band consists of students from USC and is known for their rambunctious house shows. The debut album, “Pick Apart the Jewels and Gems” is to be released April 28th on Coog Radio’s own Travis Phillip’s label Some Weird Sin Records. “Lloyd” is […]

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